Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Skype

Hey everyone! 

I don´t have a ton to say this week. We travelled for 2 days to and from Paraná for divisions with the leaders of the hermanas of Entre Rios in our mission. It is a loooooong bus ride of 5 hours each way. Guess what?? We finally switched areas with the elders! The houses here have sidewalks and doors! Crazy! We are really excited to work hard in this new area! We have one investigator that is in a family of recent converts. She hasn't been baptized yet because she has to quit smoking first but she is awesome! Her name is Andrea. Her family is super cute. They have an 11 year old boy that reminds me of my little brother Cannon. Speaking of....WE GOT TO SKYPE OUR FAMILIES THIS WEEK! WOO!! It was really fun to see them and talk to them. I miss you guys tons. Let me know if you have any questions. I love being in the mission!!! 

Hermana Stewart💞

**Questions and answers from our Mother's Day Skype**

What are your favorite foods so far?
-Chicken Milanese and Gnocchi

Do they have any holidays that we don't?
-They seem to have 'made up' holidays practically every few weeks. They all get off work and go to the river.

Where do you shop?
-There's a market in Centro on the corner by our apartment that we get groceries at. We went to Carrefor,  which is like a big Wal-Mart, once. But things are really expensive there.

How many girls are in your mission?
-There are only around 25 hermanas in our whole mission.

How does your new area differ from the old one?
-It's a lot safer. Also, many of the houses didn't have doors before just curtains in the doorways. But now they have doors.

What food have you liked the least so far?
-Probably the pizza with egg and a whole onion.
-They put mayo on almost everything here too.

What food do you like the best?
-Ice Cream. Frambesca (Rasberry) is the best flavor.

How do you wash your clothes?
-We wash our clothes in a bucket and we were hang drying. But we just got a dryer that spins it out and drains on to the floor. The drain is flat so water goes everywhere. We aren't very good at it. We wash our clothes like "Shanki's" (Yankees).

-No one wears makeup unless its a special occasion
-There aren't many fruits or vegetables
-17 pesos =$1
-We have bidet's
-The landscape reminds me of Idaho, California and Arizona. There are a lot of palm trees
-We are not allowed to play soccer in the mission because the people here are very intense and competitive about it.
-The song 'Despacito' is super popular right now 
-Kids go to school through high school. They wear uniforms.
Most do not go to college.
-People go to the Boilche (club) for fun
-1 District in Concordia and 2 branches
-There are 221 members on record but only 30 people regularly  come to church. But on a good day 40-50 people
-In Argentina they speak Castellano. 
The "che" sound is in place of the "ll" or "y"

-Some slang words:
-"vos" -instead of "tu" or "usted"
-"copodo"- that's cool or sick
-"capo"- you're a boss
-"facha"- swag
-"trucho"- fake

***-This is Maren's mom- (I may not have spelled all of the words correctly. :) )***

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