Monday, June 26, 2017

6 Months!!

Well the time has gone by super fast. It feels like I just got dropped off in the snowy MTC. I have learned a lot in these past 6 months, it´s crazy! I have learned about Argentina, how to speak Castellano (mas o menos), and how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change people´s lives. It has been awesome. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to come out here and serve the people of Argentina.
Well this week, speaking of serving, we helped the familia Carrera in our ward to clean out their house from the flooding. It was really sad to see. Their whole house was coated in mud , toxic river water and trash. We cleaned 3 days with Hermano Carrera and the elders. It was cool to be able to help. I never thought I would be doing that in my life. We got it clean and now they are able to move back in. On my mission, I have really come to learn more about serving people. We don´t need to just wait around for a planned ¨service activity¨ We can give service at any time at any place to anyone. It helps other people and it also helps us to become better and more like Christ. I hope you all can look for a way to serve someone this week!! Love you all! 

-Hermana Stewart

This is just their driveway. Its coated in super smelly mud. The green on the walls is how high the water was all through their house. We cleaned for 3 mornings. 

The church by the Plaza 25 de Mayo


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